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Free and convenient access to international healthcare providers.

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Complex care about every User

High level healthcare assistance services


Free service

All basic functionality is free to use

Maximum efficiency

With minimum functions, to prevent or solve the problem

Direct contact

With the doctor’s reception via messenger

Foreigners friendly

Simplifying healthcare for people with language barriers


Each healthcare partner, placed on the ZORYX platform, guarantees to contact with the patient up to 1 hour from receiving the notification in the application, during the working hours of the residency.

Find the doctor profile you need through the search engine and write a message that will come directly to the doctor's reception. This is more convenient and faster way than searching for a doctor on the internet and then contacting by phone.

Our professional support services are available to all ZORYX users. We will answer all your questions, advise you which specialist to contact, advise you to choose an insurance agent.

We ask all users to leave feedback after medical examinations, which will allow high reated doctor's profiles to be at the top in searchengine.

We solve problems like long terms, high prices, low accebility of specific procedures, by providing access to foreign healthcare markets.


Reviews from Users

Every positive feedback is a combination of a doctor's work, supporting team and a technical component of ZORYX.

Free software funсtionality

Our goal is to globalize the platform and invest maximum efforts to make health services accessible to all who need them.


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  • International search engine
  • Free messenger
  • Telehealth services
  • 24/7 support

State hospitals

$0 Montly

  • Additional patient service
  • Speed up administratives
  • Telehealth functionality
  • International visibility

Trial for doctors

$0 Monthly

  • Additional patient service
  • Speed up administratives
  • Telehealth functionality
  • International visibility

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